I was told I had a foresight for tech and if you had seen my Onezine video (below), this was 4 years before the iPad and its apps are the norm nowadays. 
I'm always glad we uploaded this video in 2006 to prove that we had seen this coming and a date time stamp on it. We will soon witness the demise of the Smart Phones just like how the digital magazines are killing the printed ones.

Beacons are excellent tools for creating location-based and real-time mobile experiences. Some big businesses are experimenting with using beacons to deliver localized, timely, and relevant information and marketing offers, including FacebookTarget, and the London Underground.

When they work, it’s magic — but sometimes that’s easier said than done.

Through our own research and conversations we’ve had with companies that have tried beacons before, we’ve identified a number of problems companies run into when they decide to give beacons a try.

My first job was a Barcode Sales Engineer. Back then in the pre-millenium days, it was the coolest thing! Then they announced the 2D barcodes, or barcodes that came mostly in a square. There were many different standards like Data Matrix code, EZcode, Maxicode and the QR code. What was amazing about it was that It could store way more characters than a linear barcode could without extending the length or size of the code. It was so useful that many manufacturing industry started using it in everything they do. They even had 2D barcodes etched onto microchips! Unfortunately, the cost of the 2D barcode readers then cost a premium that it doesn't make sense to apply it in the consumer space. Not sure whether anyone remembered the Zapcode that was all over the local newspaper pages many years ago. It disappeared.


I received this article in a newsletter from one of the beacon providers that i am subscribed to.

This obviously intrigued me enough to see how Gamification and a beacon could work together.  Here's a brief summary for those that do not want to read the full article there.

In a typical conference, it is usually difficult to influence your attendees to network with each other but the organiser of this event using the power of proximity and gamification together, managed to have 60% of its attendees network like crazy.

Publications, Annual Reports, Quotations, Consent Forms, Membership cards, Tickets, vouchers, Photographs etc are all papers. We are losing trees every day and sometimes we even get haze due to the burning of forest. Naturally, the price of paper increases year by year.

Today, we are not here to talk about saving the world or any green movement, we are here to talk about saving our time and space. 

Take a look around you right now. Paper physically takes up space.  The Books, Magazines and thick files to hold letters, invoices, contracts together. Your fattening wallet contains cash (also paper), membership cards, credit cards, receipt, passcards! Even children has to deal with them with worksheets, consent forms, homework book and letters from the principal.