I saw a post on Augmented Reality Wedding Dress on my Facebook today and found the full article here ( http://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/fashion/try-on-virtual-outfits ) , it reminded me of something we provide since 2012. I am finally happy that this concept and technology has finally caught on and embraced by a local company. I want to applaud La Belle for jumping in with both feet! Well done! If you are considering this for mass users casual apparels, stop! This is why.

Why Augmented Reality Apparels has not really caught on is because of the fact that most fashion changes every 3 months and to build 3D apparels for the masses wont make sense because by the time the 3D modeling is done for 100 dresses, it would have been too late. Also, the sense of fashion shopping is about the excitement of discovery and you would never trust a screen to tell you the size or the feel of the material. If so, we wouldn't need a dressing room but simply match with a mirror and buy. If you have ever done the latter, that means you probably have the experience of regret on some clothes that looks good but does not look good on you due to its cutting or size, i know i have. Also, it is never too much of a hassle to just try on a piece of shirt, pants or dress. So if any apparel shop is thinking of investing in such AR mirrors, i wouldn't recommend it. Customers will play with it because it is new but they will still end up trying it. And, it wouldn't be a 1 time investment. You would have to pay for the 3D modeling for every new piece you are selling in the future.

Then why would I promote AR Wedding Dress? Simply..Time, Space and Money, not forgetting effort too! Here are the reasons.

1) TIME part 1 : If you have ever tried on a wedding dress (or helped someone into one), it takes quite a bit of time to just put yourself into 1. As what the owner of La Belle said, it even takes up the time of her staff assisting the customer. 20 dresses requires half a day! 

2) TIME part 2 : Trying a wedding dress isn't something you do every other weekends. It is only a certain period before your wedding. So you want to get the perfect one by trying as many as you can but hates that it is a timely and tedious affair. With the technology, she can search and sort for a specific style, colour or designer quickly and easily.

3) SPACE : For the boutique owner, these gowns are huge and needs to be well kept and maintained. So she can't possibly stock multiple pieces of a single design of different sizes. With this technology, the owner could increase her "virtual" inventory of her gowns. Customers could even try those gowns that she liked but has been rental out or shipping in! Also pin point where the seamstress needs to alter. Customers could also set to reserve it as well so that the staff could know specifically which gown the bride-to-be wants to try when she returns.

4) MONEY : These gowns are costly itself so whether it is sold or rented, the cost of creating the 3D models of the virtual dress can be recoup easily. Not forgeting that it is also costly to maintain it. Heaven forbid, a clumsy lady accidentally tearing one dress then staining the next. With the AR mirror, the owner can find relief that the customer can try to their hearts content without any stressful cold sweat moments!


So what's next for the boutique owner? Well, i would recommend her to scale this tool and get it into the hands of every potential customers. She could create a more portable system and probably loan out the system (with a deposit, of course.) and have her customers try out every single piece at the comfort of their homes! The customers could choose a limited number of pieces to try when she returns to the shop and be surprised that all these are all prepared for her. Just like a princess waiting to be served!