I received this article in a newsletter from one of the beacon providers that i am subscribed to.

This obviously intrigued me enough to see how Gamification and a beacon could work together.  Here's a brief summary for those that do not want to read the full article there.

In a typical conference, it is usually difficult to influence your attendees to network with each other but the organiser of this event using the power of proximity and gamification together, managed to have 60% of its attendees network like crazy.

Publications, Annual Reports, Quotations, Consent Forms, Membership cards, Tickets, vouchers, Photographs etc are all papers. We are losing trees every day and sometimes we even get haze due to the burning of forest. Naturally, the price of paper increases year by year.

Today, we are not here to talk about saving the world or any green movement, we are here to talk about saving our time and space. 

Take a look around you right now. Paper physically takes up space.  The Books, Magazines and thick files to hold letters, invoices, contracts together. Your fattening wallet contains cash (also paper), membership cards, credit cards, receipt, passcards! Even children has to deal with them with worksheets, consent forms, homework book and letters from the principal.

Before I tell you what Gamification is really about, I will tell you what it isn't.

Gamification is not about adding a game like Angry Bird, Candy Crush or Temple Run into your app. It is also not just about giving Points, Badge and Leaderboard for the sake of it. That is why many wonder why after doing the above, their app is not flooded with engaged users. I was also one of them when once shrugged off gamification because i thought the same.

Gamification doesn't mean that it needs to be an electronic game. Ever wondered why games like Tic-Tac-Toe, Rock-Paper-Scissors, Chess, Mahjong, Slots and even Hide-and-Seek, stood the test of time and generations loved playing it? They all contain some psychological motivation that drives people to continue playing. 

Here are the 8 secret spices to juice up your app that i have gathered from all around.