From the ancient time of Kings and Emperors, they dripped wax onto their royal decrees and seal it off by impressing the mark on their signet rings, declaring its clear authority of the scroll. Fast forward to today, this process has been modernised, "Kings" and "Royal Stewards" of a company are still doing the same by sinking their rubber stamp into an inkpad (or the self inking type) and marking it onto all of their documents. All these decrees of invoices, quotations , contracts, vouchers are governed by it. Or does it?

We are proud to say that we have just been recently appointed at the official reseller of the Vuzix Smart Glass here in Singapore. This is in line with my belief (earlier blog post) that Smart Glasses will take over the Smart Phone in 5 years. Some might bring up Google Glass missing the consumer market due to privacy concerns and why people should buy the device, but the product sparked interest in smart glasses among enterprises. I recently read a Forrester report on "How Enterprise Smart Glasses will drive Workforce Enablement" that offers a full forecast of US enterprise adoption of smart glasses through 2025. Here are 3 main key takeaways from this report.

This article set me on a journey to determine how true it is and how powerful is the fact that retention is actually better than acquisition of new customers. Once i started on my research, I realised that many writers has debated on this topic and "Retention" seems to be gaining the upper hand with astounding facts that should have businesses jumping on this band-wagon. So, it surprises me when many businesses are not aware of it and do not have any plans or tools to even know who exactly their customers are. Hopefully, these facts that i have gathered and organised, would help to motivate actions that will exponentially grow their business.

I saw a post on Augmented Reality Wedding Dress on my Facebook today and found the full article here ( ) , it reminded me of something we provide since 2012. I am finally happy that this concept and technology has finally caught on and embraced by a local company. I want to applaud La Belle for jumping in with both feet! Well done! If you are considering this for mass users casual apparels, stop! This is why.